Srinathji Prasad, Nathdwara
Shrinathji Temple is a hindu temple dedicated to Shrinathji in Nathdwara the form of Lord Krishna. Shrinathji was brought to Mewar region of Rajasthan through A
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Shrinathji Temple is a hindu Hindue dedicated to Shrinathji in Nathdwara the form of Lord Krishna. Shrinathji was brought to Mewar region of Rajasthan through Agra and Gwalior, during the oppressive reign of Aurangazeb, for protection from widespread destruction of Hindu temples. Shrinathji Temple is also known as 'Haveli of Shrinathji’ (mansion). The temple was built by Goswami priests in 1672. As per saints saidThe idol of Shrinathji is said to be self-manifested. This temple was built under the protection of Maharana Raj Singh of Mewar. The Full name of Srinath ji is Sri Govardhan Nathji and he represents Lord Bal Krishna. Nathwara is a popular place for the devotees who belong from Vaishnava community.

Now, get Shri Krishna's prasad direct from Nathdwara and seek his divine blessings for you and your family.

Rituals at Nathdwara temple

The daily timings of the Nathdwara Shrinathi Temple are from 5:30 AM to 12:30 PM in the morning and from 4:00 PM to 8:30 PM in the evening. During this Darshan aarti is offered to lord Shrinathji and it is the first darshan of the day. This darshan takes place before the sunrise. During Mangla darshan, the main doors of the temple are kept closed and only opened after the initial rituals.

At the time of summer, he is clad only in dhoti. In winter, he keeps warm with a warm coat. As per saints, his flute is not given in his hand, for it is felt that if he were to play it early in the morning, everyone would be enchanted and all work would come to an immobility. Arti is offered to Shrinathji during this darshan. This ritual banishes the evil spirits which hover around in the darkness of the night, seeking to cause harm. This morning Darshan is dedicated to the memory of Paramanda das.

Do you want to the divine blessings of Shrinath Ji?? But you’ve not enough time from your busy schedule?? Then don't worry! We are for you to get blessings for you and your family. We do pray for your family on behalf of you. is not related to temple authority. We actually act as your representative to deliver Prasad to your doorstep. The price   /- will be used to buy offer Prasad direct from temple with including the misc. Cost like,

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