Brahman Bhoj- Prayag Allahabad
In the Northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is found the city of Prayag, also known as Allahabad. In this city lies a Triveni Sangam or the “confluence” of th
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Why Brahman Bhoj is execute

  • Gives the pleasure to our forefather and and liberates their souls
  • It helps to freed from bad Karmas of our past and present life
  • It well recommended for attaining Moksha
  • Benefits our 14 generations of predecessors even whose death dates we don’t know
  • The basic idea to arranging Brahman Bhoj is to get their blessings and derive 'Punya'. 

Brahman Bhoj at Haridwar in the divine land of Prayag :

You could choose the date you would like to arrange the Brahman Bhoj, and we’ll do it on absence of you and send you the report. Now, offer the Brahman Bhoj at Haridwar to get blessings .Brahman Bhoj may be arranged on various occasional purposes like,

  • Upanayan
  • Child’s birth,
  • Marriage
  • Any kind of subha karma.

The ancient story of “Pitrupaksha”:

According to Hindu ancient story, Karna, son of Kunti was a philanthropist and he never ever refused help to anyone who approached him. He had bestowed of his wealth among the needy people. He had not arranged food for the needy people ever. When Karna left earth after his death and reached heaven, the whole charity which he had done on Earth was returned back to him legionary in heaven except of foods. After that he realized that he had done all kinds of charities, but he did not bestowed foods. Then he prayed a lot to the God of Death, who sent back him to earth for 14 days, to make up for this lacks. He came back and performed the rituals of Shraadh or Tarpan for the peace of souls of his ancestors. Karna fed the Brahmins and needy people and offered consecration of water during fourteen days, which is observed in the Mahalaya or Pitrupaksha. After that when he returns back to heaven, he got many foods and it has been expected that offerings made during the period of Pitru Paksha benefits all the departed souls.

What we do?

We feed Brahmans on your absence and send you a report by the Brahman stating his satisfaction and blessings.

To send your devotional prayer and feed Brahmins, Just click here (http://...........................). You may choose the date you’d like to arrange Brahman Bhoj, we’ll do it in absence of you and send you the report surely.